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We pride ourselves on being a very hands-on program and therefore you will need some specific supplies to complete your courses. To make it easier for you we have organized the materials that you will need into kits that are available to you at the Ryerson Bookstore. These kits contain high quality materials to produce professional results and are specific to the techniques and activities that you do in class. Included in these kits are drafting, illustration, sewing, and pattern making supplies. The kits will cost around $700, while we realize that this seems expensive the kits will last you all four years at Ryerson and well into your future career.

For a detailed outline of the kits and their cost please see the School of Fashion Undergraduate Student Guide, under Current Students.


We understand that textbooks can be costly and we work hard to make sure that each textbook required for your core fashion courses are directly applicable to what you are doing in class and will be a useful resource for you in the future.When required a new textbook costs between $40 and $140 and often you can buy them online or from the Ryerson Student Union’s Used Bookstore for a lower price.

Things to Keep in Mind

While there are certain courses that may require you to purchase project-specific materials it is up to you how much you would like to invest and there is no guarantee that spending more money on materials will result in a more successful project.​

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