Why Ryerson

1. The Program

Ryerson University’s degree programs in Fashion Communication and Fashion Design offer you an incomparable advantage over diploma or certificate programs, ensuring you stand out among the stiff competition hallmark of the fashion industry. Home of the leading undergraduate program in Canada, Ryerson offers a learning environment unlike any in the country. The Fashion programs at Ryerson are distinguished by their longer, four-year duration which ensures the full development of your talents and abilities. You may then take your studies even further in pursuing a Master of Arts (MA) in Fashion, imparting additional specialized knowledge and skill development vital to achieving success in today’s burgeoning fashion industry. While Ryerson enables you to focus your learning in your field of interest, it also offers numerous opportunities to diversify your education with Liberal Studies and a multiplicity of Minor programs. A Minor provides you with the opportunity to enhance and add specific expertise to your Design or Communication Major with one of thirty programs including: Marketing, History, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, International Business and Retail & Services Management. These extensive programming opportunities allow you to construct a degree suited to your particular needs and interests while furnishing you with a diverse skill set necessary for advancement in the fashion industry.

The Program

2. It’s All About Networking

Ryerson University allows you to gain publicity while cultivating professional connections vital to any successful career in the world of fashion. Exclusive competitions not only push the limit of your talents, but can also transform your hard work into marketable products. Partnerships within the fashion industry lead to prestigious internship opportunities. You may engage in experiential learning with Canadian and international companies, such as, Erdem, Lida Baday, Jeremy Laing, Comrags, Viktor & Rolf, Holt Renfrew, Flare, Elle Canada, Le Chateau, Danier, lululemon, McGregor, Hudson’s Bay, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Toronto Fashion Week. Through these placements you gain valuable facetime and exposure, cultivating connections with key executives and decision-makers. The hands-on experiences working alongside professionals foster a real-world understanding of the fashion industry outside of the classroom, directly contributing to your development as part of the next generation of innovators. Upon graduation you will be ready to join the ranks of Ryerson’s alumni, many of whom have achieved great success in the fashion industry, providing you with commonality of experience and education that is uniquely advantageous. A diverse array of guest lecturers from the Toronto and international fashion scene can also share the ins and outs of the fashion industry while conveying a real conception of what opportunities exist in the dynamic world of fashion.


3. The City

Ryerson University is located in the heart of Toronto, and subsequently provides limitless exposure to innovative artistic and cultural events that complement your educational experiences. Toronto is home to many creative outlets within and without the fashion industry rendering it the cultural epicenter on the forefront of artistic ingenuity in Canada. Toronto serves as the median through which these talents are brought to the attention of a larger audience, contributing to feel of the city itself as one of cutting-edge creativity. Ryerson is at the center of this cultural hub providing the backdrop for many Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) screenings, Nuit Blanche and Luminato installations, and other cultural events. Surrounding the campus are numerous artistic hotspots, including the Bata Shoe Museum, Design Exchange, Textile Museum, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Ryerson also provides you with access to the Canadian music scene, with MTV Canada in close proximity as well as the North by Northeast (NXNE) festival. Interacting with the art and business backdrop of Toronto allows you to gain insight into the relationship between fashion and society while cultivating a perspective that stems from the diversity of the city itself. Ryerson’s campus not only provides students with convenient transit that puts the city and all its offerings at your fingertips, but also allows for field trips and industry access unavailable in other cities. Living in Toronto offers you continual access to established and budding artists and the bustle of culture that bolsters the creative and educational environment.

4. The International Scene

Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America and the most culturally diverse in the world. Ryerson University’s Fashion program reflects the unrivaled character of the Toronto fashion scene as it incorporates global perspectives while striving for international excellence. In your third year you have the opportunity to apply for exchange programs at leading fashion institutions around the world. Partnering institutions include the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Netherlands), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China), Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (Denmark), University of Technology in Sydney (Australia), Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom), Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom), Birmingham City University (United Kingdom), and Winchester School of Art (United Kingdom). These exchange opportunities expose you to different cultures and markets incorporating a distinct international dimension into your learning. Ryerson continues to stand out among these leading institutes, ranking first in all categories of the International Foundation of Fashion Institutes (IFFTI) competitions for both faculty and students. International commendations continue to garner international recognition and acclaim for Ryerson’s students, faculty, and programs.


5. The Skills, The Staff, The School

During your first year, you will join other Design and Communication students in gaining a shared skill set before moving on to specialize in your respective fields of interest. Fundamentals are taught through a mixture of lecture, studio, and lab time, ensuring that hands-on learning remains at the core of the curriculum. This shared education contributes to the sense of community among students that facilitates a collective atmosphere greatly enriching the educational process. Ryerson also boasts a wide range of professional elective courses taught by industry professionals to supplement your core courses. Communications students explore areas critical to the fashion industry including branding, web development, typography, and graphic design.  The School also periodically offers special topics courses, which allow a select number of students to work closely with professors in a focused area of the industry. Courses such as these develop a unique relationship between students and faculty that contributes to educational growth while participating in an avant-garde working environment. These opportunities in analytical and critical thinking allow you to develop technological skills, enabling further innovation in burgeoning areas including fashion diversity, sustainability, ethics, and material culture. Opportunities also exist for you to gain employment working as an Assistant to current Faculty members, making important contributions to fashion in Toronto and around the globe. The diversity of employment opportunities and course offerings yield an array of options at Ryerson unparalleled at any other institution.

Skills, staff

6. The Ryerson Community

Ryerson University is home to a variety of academic associations bridging differences across programs, while uniting a diverse array of students. These programs culminate in a broad web of academic, employment, and entrepreneurial support that contributes to the small-campus vibe and sense of belonging that Ryerson evokes. Programs such as the Fashion Union and Tri Mentoring Program ensure that you get the support you need, while encouraging you to get involved. The Fashion Union is a great source of encouragement, creating community and orchestrating the production of campus events. As leaders in their field, Ryerson’s faculty also offer an essential source of guidance, while ensuring that students realize their utmost potential. Enactus Ryerson and the Fashion Zone allow for entrepreneurial development, and are there to assist you in making your business plans a reality. Encouraging students from different fields of study to work together, support one another, and create together nurtures innovation while building the capacity to work with diverse groups in real-world situations.

Ryerson Community

7. Student Leadership

On an annual basis Ryerson University hosts and supports a wide range of student-run productions. Students readily and wholeheartedly seize the initiative and put together fashion shows and events, indicative of the passion and ambition pervasive throughout the student body. Utilizing the skills gained through studio and lecture time at Ryerson you will have the opportunity to orchestrate cutting-edge events that serve as vital predecessors to real-world employment. Over the course of their program, Communication students design and produce the world’s largest student-run fashion event. Known as Mass Exodus, this production showcases the final collections and final projects of the fashion students. For the first time, in 2013, Mass Exodus was hosted at the newly renovated and historic Mattamy Athletic Centre at The Gardens. This backdrop marks the perfect marriage of Toronto culture with creative young talent that renders Ryerson a leader in fashion education and ingenuity. It is this leadership and sense of community that makes Ryerson University a premier learning and creative destination home to Canada’s most prestigious young talent on the forefront of fashion.