ICFF FASHI-ON Competiton

ICFF FASHI-ON Competition participants and their models

Finalists from left to right: Marie-Elyse McGuire, Emily Phaphonsomkham, Michael Zoffranieri, Mickelli Orbe, Jovalene Fox

Fashion and Cinema share a direct connection, as they both reflect the culture, the society and the era that they represent. To that end, the ICFF dedicated one day of the Festival to Italian Fashion in Film. Fourth Year Fashion Design Graduates were given the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Annual Fashion Design Competition FASHI-ON.      

At Mass Exodus in April 2016, members of the ICFF committee selected a group of semi finalists to participate in the competition. The jury, ICFF Board Member Ivana Di Rocco and Creative Director Filippo Nativo, looked for collections that demonstrated a connection to Italian cinema. Finalists in the competition were to used both their Mass Exodus collection and the film "La Famiglia" as inspiration.

First Place - JOVALENE FOX

Second Place - MICKELLI ORBE